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Halloween Kitties

Halloween Kitties

Caitlin, Gracie, Jaden, Jordyn and Lucy at the mall

Caitlin, Gracie, Jaden, Jordyn and Lucy at the mall


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What’s new??


Caitlin is quickly approaching 4 and she is becoming such a big girl!  Since she started pre-school she talks clearly and she’s losing some of her shyness.  She fights with Jaden quite a bit – but if Jaden is sad she is quick to try to make her feel better.  She doesn’t like it when Tim and I discipline Jaden and will yell at us if we do.  Her teacher at school tells us that she is a little shy, but when there is something she likes to do she comes out of her shell.  She LOVES to color and cut things.  She has been starting to sing and dance.  On my Birthday I received a card that plays music when you open it and her and Jaden were dancing to it – very cute.  She also likes to go to the mall!!!  Tim is disappointed about this, he was hoping one of the girls would want to hang out on Saturday’s and watch football with him – maybe when they are older!



Jaden has three sides to her.  Side 1: She can be so sweet, if I’m upset she will come up and say “sorry mommy” and give me hugs and kisses.  She will be so happy and having such a good time.

Side 2: When other people are any where around she gets shy.  Very shy.  It doesn’t matter if she knows them or not.  She will clam up and will only let me or Tim hold her, and she wants to be held the entire time.  She does eventually relax, but she still won’t let any one else hold her.

Side 3: This side is crabby/angry Jaden.  If she’s in this mood we have to step on eggshells.  If I take something from her that she wants, her face gets red and she screams at the top of her lungs “MMMIIIIIIIINNNEEEE”.    She will hit Caitlin if she is in this mood, she will drop to the ground and cry until she is hysterical and can’t breathe.  We don’t like to see this side of Jaden – and fortunately for us this Jaden is coming out less and less and she gets older.  We call this the terrible 2 Jaden.

Jaden loves stuffed animals and dolls right now.  Some kids have a favorite, but hers is all of them.  She nevers wants the same one twice in a row.  She’s also potty trained now, which I think is pretty awesome for just turning two in August, she doesn’t even wet the bed at night anymore.  The downside to this is that she LOVES to use public restrooms. If we go out to eat, we spend most of our meal in the bathroom with Jaden.  And we never know if she really has to go or if she just wants to go hang out in there, so we have to take her every time she asks.  She adores her big sister and does everything she does.  I love to watch them interact with each other, most of the time they are so good with each other.

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You’re not the boss of me

A couple weeks ago I told Caitlin to do something and she looks right at me and yells “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME”.  I figure she picked this lovely phrase up from day care.  I let her know that I am the boss of her and put her in time out.  She’s said one or more two times, each time resulting in time-out.  I dread the fact that now that she’s in pre-school I’m going to be hearing more wonderful words and phrases coming from her little mouth.

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First Day of School

Yesterday was Caitlin’s first day of school and Jaden’s first day of pre-school without Caitlin.  Caitlin was very excited to start.  Ever since we got her a back pack she has talked about going to school.  Tim took the day off so we drove the girls to Pam’s house and Jaden got out and Tim walked her up the stairs.  She turned around and said “bye mommy”, so I said “say bye to Caitlin too”, and she just looked at me like “what the heck are you talking about”, then she finally said “where’s Cailin going”?  I told her she was going to school and she looked so sad.  Tim took her hand and led her inside.  Then we headed of to pre-school, now I know both day care and pre-school are less than a minute walk for an adult, it takes 20 minutes to get to either place when you are walking with kids, and I have to be to work early now, so we drove.  We got to pre-school, me taking pictures the whole way!  Caitlin got to the classroom door and took her backpack off and said “here, take my backpack so I can go to school”.  She was still excited I think.  We were the first ones there so we walked her to her hook to hang up her bag.  At that point one of the teachers helpers came over to meet her and she grabbed on to Tim’s leg and didn’t really want to let go.  Finally we walked her to the play table that had dry pasta she could play with.  She played for a minute and then we said good bye.  I held up fine until we got outside her classroom.  Then I started crying.  I don’t even know why, I know it’s really just a glorified day care, but it was so sad to leave her at “school”.

She seemed to have a really good time though.  She knows a girl from her day care and the little boy from across the street.  I asked the teacher today how she did and she said she did great.  She was a little shy and quiet at first, but then just jumped right in and got along good with the other kids.  I’m really excited she gets to be with 23 other kids her age now.

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I know it’s been forever since I posted – so I’ll start off with just a few things.  I just found out yesterday I got the job I bid for as Help Desk specialist for the IT Dept.  I’ve been working as a secretary for the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.  I like that job – but it takes me 45-50 minutes to get to work, and the same to get home after work.  Don’t know when I start yet – but I think it will be soon. 

We had Jaden’s princess party last weekend and it was a lot of fun.  We had a bouncy house, water slide, swimming pools and bean bag toss.  We had set up a tent in the yard and grilled hot dogs and brats.  Mom and I made a princess cake with a tiara on top – it was really pretty, a little lopsided because I put so much frosting on it kept sliding down the sides.  Jaden turns 2 next week, she’s getting so big!  She fell and scraped her knee at Pam’s house the other day and when I got home she came to me and started “crying” and pointing to the bandaid on her knee and saying “my leg is broken”.  So I got the boo boo juice out and put it on the scrape and put a Barbie band-aid on it.  That made it all better.

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Tonight I am the emergency crew!  Cedar Rapids is flooding really bad, pretty much all the bridge going any where near the river are closed and people are having a hard time getting places.  So because I work near the river I got an e-mail today that said we were closing at 3:30 and would be closed tomorrow as well, possibly longer.  My job requires backing up the entire county systems, so I got to stay and work – hence, not have to use my vacation time or take unpaid leave.  Fortunately I already was planning on taking Friday off and a half day tomorrow.  I’m really praying this flooding subsides, I’m low on vacation and can’t afford to not work. 

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We had a really busy and fun weekend, mostly.  Friday night when I got home from work Caitlin was getting ready for bed when she ran to the bathroom to “spit” in the toilet.  She got sick, so we let her sleep with us that night.  Then she was sick a few more times Saturday morning.  We had been planning on going to the Cedar Rapids farmers market, which is huge and has over 140 vendors.  We didn’t make that, but after she woke up from nap she was feeling better.  So we headed to my co-workers house for her granddaughters high school graduation party.  There was a really cool swingset in the back yard, so the kids played on that for about an hour and sugared themselves up on cookies.  We left there and met some friends at the Kolache (sp) festival.  The kids played on the playground then Jaden jumped in the bouncy house and had a blast.  They got to ride a couple rides which they enjoyed – but I think Caitlin still wasn’t feeling great because she was crabby, plus it was super hot which didn’t help.

After that we went to McDonalds where the kids got to play in the germ area, I mean play area.   Then headed over to Rockwell Collin’s where the Tanager Place was holding a festival.  The rides weren’t free, but they had a couple of tents set up where the kids got to mix there own cereal, and then decorate the boxes.  Then we headed over to another huge tent where the kids got to make bookmarks, magnets, paintings, get their nails done, get their faces painted and tons more.  It was REALLY windy, so the hot air balloons that were supposed to be set up didn’t happen.  But there was a D.J. and they got to sing and dance.  Jaden was really into that.  Caitlin just sat in the stroller and ate her fruit by the foot and watched.  Then headed home, which on the way the girls clutched their newly made cereal boxes and fell asleep.

Sunday was a little slower.  The girls refused to nap, so we went to the mall and walked around a little bit before heading to faith family.  Then we got home and cuddled on the couch and listened to the storms going through.  It was a really fun weekend, I wish all weekends went this well.  Oh yeah, my girls slept until 8:15 (Caitlin) and 9:00 (Jaden) on Sunday.  I’m hoping this will be a new trend.

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Silly Smooches

Anyone who knows Caitlin knows that she is not super affectionate.  Yesterday she was playing with Jaden and they looked so cute, Jaden ran up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss then kept playing.  I asked Caitlin for a kiss.  She said no, which I expected.  But then a couple minutes later she came up and gave me a hug, so I asked for a kiss, she said no, but then thought about.  So I pointed to my cheek and said, just a little one on my cheek.  She thought some more, then leaned over to kiss my cheek.  I instantly turned my head and kissed her lips.  She started lauging and thought that was great.  So we did that for a few minutes.  I’d point to my cheek or nose, then when she went to kiss them I’d turn my head and she’d kiss my lips.  Today again Jaden was running by so I snagged her up and gave her a hug and kiss, then asked Caitlin for a kiss.  She yelled no as she ran by me.  Then came right back and gave me a kiss.  Then she said “I want to kiss your cheek!”.  So I turned so she could kiss my cheek, she was giggling, and I couldn’t understand why, then I remembered yesterday at the last second and turned my head so she kissed my lips and she just broke down laughing.  I love watching her laugh, and love it more if I contribute to it.  It always surprises me how she remembers things and just seems to grown up in her actions some times.  I forgot our game, but she remembered.  This is such a great age – I wish I could record every second of my girls and go back and watch all the great things they are always doing.  I hate to think I’ll forget any of it.

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Happy Birthday Tim

Today Tim turned 35.  I made him special chocolate chip pancakes, like I make for everyone’s birthday.  We have chocolate chip pancakes 4 times a year, and I refuse to make them any other time.  I love it that we have this special little ritual just for those times.  Then the girls gave him birthday cards that they colored and I traced their handprints on with glitter and glue.  He got to open his present from me too, I got him a WII.  I have to say that I played it for longer than he did, but he said he got to play it the whole time the kids were at Day Care. 

About Tim – he was born in Coralville.  He collected stars wars figures growing up and still has most of his collection, never opened.  His favorited movies – “It’s a wonderful life”, the “Star Wars” trilogy, and “Back to the Future”.  He doesn’t have a favorite color.  His favorite t.v. show is Lost.  He worked at Hy-vee as his first job, bagging groceries, then moved to checker, then to the Dairy dept.  He now works at Mercer where he has been for 10 years, first in Treasury, then in IT.  He is addicted to Iowa Hawkeye football and has only missed 1 game since he was 8 years old.  He is the best father I know.  He watches the girls every night by himself while I work and seldom complains about how hard it is to watch two toddlers by himself.  We’ve been married for 5 years and have dated for 10.  Our first Valentines day he gave me a 12 pack of mountain dew.  I’ve since taught him that practical isn’t always better than frivolous, especially in love…he’s learning.  He’s a good husband, a wonderful father, and my best friend.  I love you Tim.  Happy Birthday.

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Morning sweetness

Last night we lost power for a couple of hours.  A couple minutes after the fans and lights went off Caitlin started crying because she can’t sleep without a light on.  So I brought her in our room to sleep.  This morning I woke up and she was holding my hand and looking at me.  She whispered to me, “it’s raining on my swingset”, Me “I know it is, but now it will be all cleaned off, and the rain will help the flowers grow too” Caitlin “God made the flowers” Me “He sure did, and he makes it rain so that flowers can grow and be pretty”, Caitlin “and my swingset too”. 

It was sweet the way she was whispering to me, I wish I could wake up every morning with those sweet little whispers. 


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